Tell Your Library Story

Has your library made a difference in your life?  Please tell us your story!                                                                                          

State budget cuts are threatening regional library services.  These services include 
interlibrary loan, the web-based regional library catalog, librarian training and much more.
Your library stories will help us explain to legislators why funding regional public library 
services is important.

Please tell us why libraries matter to you.   A selection of library stories may be
posted on this web site or used in promotional materials.

  • Why does the library make our community a better place?
  • What's your most memorable experience at the library?            
  • How has information you got at the library made a difference in your life?
  • How have librarians helped you?
  • Why do you use the library?
  • Why does your library deserve everyone's support?
  • What's YOUR library story?

Read library stories others have told.

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