Library Stories

 If you have a story about how a library has made a difference in your life, please Tell Us Your Story !

When we moved to Michigan from Montana in 1993, the local library was our first stop as we oriented ourselves to the local community.  My toddler explored
the children's book area and quickly made a new friend.  My husband and I used the career resource area to find employment.  There we utilized the
computers to create resumes, scanned newspapers to research local job opportunities, and reviewed videos on valuable interviewing tips.  The local library gave
us roots in our new community.  It became a home base for us. 

Fourteen years later we maintain strong ties with our local library.  Our library helped us through a major transition.  The library continues to enrich the lives
of our family. Our eldest son serves on the library's teen advisory board, our youngest son participates in library activities, my husband and I seldom miss a
week at the library--for events or to borrow books or CDs.  Our library is truly a second home to our family.  

Georgia Tillotson
Library:  Peter White Public Library, Marquette

one of my earliest memories of my dad, was him taking me to the library.  he held my hand and took me into that magical building that changed my life.  he taught
us the value of books and reading.  it was to become a lifelong adventure; not a chore.  i ended up moving numerous times throughout my life to various cities and
states.  the one constant that remained was my love of books and the public library; always availabe wherever i went.  i introduced my own children to the library
and it's vast resources at a young age.  i hope that they,in turn, will give their children this gift as well.  now in my mid-fifties, i come to the library to get books, do research but most of all to relax in a home that has always been there for me wherever i have roamed.

jan ellen krajniak
Library:  Alpena County Library

I worked in out local library for 21 years and made many friends among our patrons.  One elderly couple in paticular came in often, and I could see how much they cared for each other.  One afternoon, the lady took me aside and asked me to help her find some books on how to keep house, do laundry and grocery shop.  "They are for my husband, "she said. "You see, she said, I have cancer, and have only a few months left. He has never had to keep house for himself and I want him to be prepared before I go."  We found several books, and she checked them out.  A few weeks later her husband returned the books and thanked us for helping his late wife.  Libraries do make a difference!!

M.J. Brown
Library:  Bayliss Public Library, Sault Ste. Marie

Growing up, I was always the outcast and so I buried myself in books. However, my family could barely afford food so I spent a great deal of time going to my local library. I devoured books so fast that I would have filled my house with them, had I bought them. The library became a second home to me. Even though I always lost my library card, I didn't need it because all the librarians knew who I was. When I got older, I made use of the computers and got a headstart learning to use them that I would not have had otherwise. I still use the library to read books that I wouldn't be able to get otherwise, and frequently use the interlibrary loan, which is a wonderful feature. Without the library and all it provided me, and of course the librarians, I would have had a unbearable time growing up, and I
wouldn't know what to do with myself these days.     DLH
Library:  Spies Public Library, Menominee

Working 95 miles away from my home leaves a lot of driving time each day.  For the 3 and ? hours that I am on the road each day, I am kept alert and relaxed
by the joy of audio books.  My library, Devereaux Memorial Crawford County Library,  is the source for many, many hours of enjoyment with a great selection
of books that entertain, educate and offer me the pleasure that only reading can bring.  The library staff is friendly, helpful and work diligently to locate audio books that may not be available locally. It would be impossible for me to enjoy so many audio books if I did not have access through my local library.

I cannot imagine how life would be if I did not have my local library to count on for the continual supply of audio books I need to keep me going during my long
commute.  The countless hours spent with my friends while alone as I drive is time I look forward to rather than dread.  Now if only there was a solution for the price of gas!

Barb Miller
Library:  Devereaux Memorial Crawford County Library

I really like getting books from other libraries. The selection is much better when you can get books from other libraries.   Dan
Library:  Other

Our Library is very important to our community. Our Wakefield library just finished a summer program for the kids. This program made my child to read during
summer break. He enjoyed coming once a week to have a story read to him and do crafts and being with other kids. Our libarian Denise Engel is very helpfull when we need help for our Sciece projects and book reports that need to done.   I use the library for the computer to look up  information. And my children use this lilbrary alot for there reading enjoyment.

Thank you        D
Library:  Wakefield Public Library

Over the past two years, I've used the library to pursue new career options.  Using materials from my home library along with some borrowed from other libraries (which is so easy to do now with the statewide catalog), I explored some interests, did background reading, tested my abilities, wrote up a business plan and have successfully launched a freelance business.  Could I have done this without the library?  Yes.  But could I have done it as easily or as well?  Definately NO!  The services of the library were an essential part of my new career path!  Thank you!

Mary Crawford
Library:  Escanaba Public Library

Our local library has wonderful programs to get our children interested in books. 

It also has internet access, which is not an affordable option to all residents in our community.

I can't imagine a community without the benefits of a local library!      Pam
Library:  Wakefield Public Library
i could not imagine a life without my local library. i read at least 4 books a week in the summer and up to 7-8 in the winter,

do you realize what that would cost if i had to purchase them?

i would not only be able to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies, but i would not have been able to introduce my sons to the wonder of words.

my first born son is now a PHD, teaches people how to read ,my second son has owned a very succesful company for over 10 years.

i was a single mother without resourses. the local library is an entity i could not do without.

denise is someone who is dedicated to the same.         Tammi

Library:  Wakefield Public Library

I love the library.  I have spent countless hours in and among the stacks, choosing books and audiobooks, doing research, and just sitting and reading.  In the winter I visit the library during my lunch hour two or three days a week, letting me get out of the office (and not shopping and spending money!).

I don't know what I would do if the PWPL ever closed. Cry buckets, probably.  And go broke because I'd spend my lunch hours at Target, buying stuff  I don't need.

Libraries are some of the greatest places on earth.  There are so many things you can do there.  In June I went on a roadtrip and mentioned to someone how the trip went by pretty quickly because I was listening to an audiobook from the library.  "The library has audiobooks?" was the incredulous response.  So there's
one more person checking out the audiobooks now.

I have always loved the library.  I can remember going to the library on a field trip in first grade and being the only kid in my class who already had a library card.
 (I'm pretty sure my mom took me to get one because the only time I was ever quiet was when I was reading.)  I will make sure my kids get to know and love the library, too.

On my keychain are the four things I use the most: my car key, my house key, my Econo Foods More Card, and my PWPL card.

Leah Kretovic
Library: Peter White Public Library

Librarys matter to me because they give us knowledge.  I come here almost every week to get new books,  I love the variety.
Library's can tell you anything about anything and more.

My poem:
Library days,
Change with the age.
Children to adult.
flying away.
Get taken in with a fish with a fin,
Or dine in the princesses castle.
Books never change,
Pages stay the same,
But i never get tired of reading.
I do it in bed,
Wasted time i don't dread.
I even read when i'm feeding.
Library days,
They come and they go,
But books go on forever.

Sara Olson
age 9
Library:  Other Sault Ste Marie

The Wakefield Library is very important to me.  I love to read. I curl up with a book in the evening to enable me to unwind before sleep. Reading a book, to
me, is better than taking a tranquilizer to get to sleep. On rainy days, I read.   I pick up books from the library and bring them to my sister who is confined
to home while waiting for a liver transplant.  Reading is my and my sister's entertainment.  By visiting our library we do not have to purchase a book to read the
best sellers.

My daughter and her children visit the library.  My granddaughter is reading at the second grade level and she just completed kindergarten.

I am a senior citizen and I would not be able to afford to purchase all the books that I have read. The Wakefield Library has so many varieties of books of
interest to choose from. I can count on cookbooks for recipes, self-help books of many types, all children's books from baby thru adult, fiction & literature,
parenting & family, pets, spiritual, self improvement, travel, politics, study guides, and movies.  Plus the internet which many lower income people do not have.

Arvesta Tibaldo
Library:  Wakefield Public Library


Joan M. Corullo
Wakefield Public Library

The Library is a place where people are searching...for something.  That is one of the ways that the Library makes community a better place....The Information here has made a Big difference, whenever I am on any new quest/search in my life, I can find answers to many questions through the many resources including the fabulous librarians, who have been so helpful with my many questions. I would like to say thank you so much for guiding me towards resources and especially trying to answer any questions that I may have that I come to the library with.Basically, the library for me is a place for growth, transition and reflection....thank you very much for this space enabling our community to THINK and discover. Peter White Public Library ROCKS!!

Elise Maier
Library:  Peter White Public Library
Our library has always been a source of answers and fun. Research on the local history back in the reference section or on-line research done on the computer, any way I've sliced it, our local library has never let us down.

In an economically depressed area such as ours, there is no greater need or time for education and the availability of intellectual resources.        S

Library: Wakefield Public Library

Reading has always been my favorite activity no matter the season or time . As long as I have a book in my hand , I am content . However , if it weren't for the library , that would be nigh unto impossible . Books cost a great deal as do movies which I also get from the library . These books and movies open up whole new worlds for everyone who takes advantage of them . Interlibrary loan especially makes a difference . There are only so many books at one library , you know!!! :)

Jodie Fluegge

Library:  L'Anse Area School Public Library

Hello, My name is Christine Radtke. The Bessemer Public Library has been very helpful to me. My personal home computer is in the shop. It has been great knowing that I could come to the library to do necessary emailing as well as do job searching. I typed many a cover letter and resume at the library. I also check out many books, DVD's and VCR tapes. I am able to check the local papers here at the library as well. Thank you for continuing to support the local small libraries. The Bessemer Public Library has been a lifesaver to me.

Christine Radtke

Library:  Bessemer Public Library

If it wasn't for the library my daughter would not have been able to do her homework. She needed alot of information that you can't find anywhere except for the internet. Our computer broke and we had no way to get the information that she needed. So thank you so much for having the computers available for us to use. We also found some very good books in the juvenile section that helped her too.

Ethel Langrick

Library:  Escanaba Public Library

As a child, my mother would take me and my sisters to the library at least once a week. Picking out books was always a treat. As a student at Michigan Tech, I joined the Portage Lake District Library so I could have access to books and movies for entertainment, as the MTU library provides my research needs. I still love going to the library; I get to select whichever books I want to read for free, and if they don't have a book that I would like, they can get it from another library on the system. It's wonderful! Going to the library never fails to cheer me up. Although my use of the library is limited to entertainment, I know others need the library for research and for access to the internet. Libraries improve every user's quality of life, even if it's simply with a good book.

Jessica Strane

Library:  Portage Lake District Library

I've been going to Peter White Public Library since I was 4 or 5- I'm now 21. I must have checked out thousands of books, and hundreds of videos and CD's throughout the years. I spent hours at the library reading everything I could get my hands on. The librarians knew me by name and encouraged me to continue reading. I still go to the library, but instead of reading Ramona Quimby stories, I read medical books and true- crime. Instead of sitting on Clifford (a HUGE stuffed dog) reading Little House on the Prairie, I sit at the computer working on research papers. I think my most memorable experience was when I ran away from home when I was mum found me a short while later at the library, reading a book I had discovered. The Peter White Public Library is a great place for the community- classes to help people learn how to use computer applications, an art center, movies and presentations, a great place to eat in the cafe' downstairs, an enormous selection of books, helpful encompasses everything a person would want.

 Tyler Dolan

Library:  Peter White Public Library

I believe that the library does make the community a better place by giving children, and adults, a place to learn and grow. The books allow children to use their imagination and, on occasion, teach them about life. The librarians I have met have always been pleasant and very helpful. They know the locations of books and make an effort to make it a fun place for children. By setting up reading activities, etc. We need to preserve our libraries for future generations to come. So they can also learn and grow from all forms of wonderful literature. The library has helped me greatly, by allowing me to use the internet. Not having a computer to communicate with long distance friends, or even possible employers, is a difficult thing. Them providing this service to the public is greatly appreciated. It has helped with my move to Milwaukee. Allowing me to find employment and housing.  Tiffany

Library:  Wakefield Public Library

I was an avid reader from kindergarten on. I read anything I could get my hands on and when I had almost exhausted the Hinks School Library, my parents started taking me to the public library which was then housed in the building next to the river (now a beauty salon, restaurant and lawyers offices). I have been a library user ever since and decided to have a college major of library science. I even worked at a bookstore for 3 1/2 years. I just can't seem to stay away from books!   Wanda

Library:  Alpena County Library

When I was on a bicycle tour in the UP I stopped at the Whitefish Comm. Library in Paradise to browse the local history section, since i have a little piece of land nearby and am interested to learn all I can about the area. I managed to xerox one hard to find history of Paradise (which I'd seen the previous year but wasn't able to find for sale used anywhere) for later dreaming, and regret only that I didn't have time to fully read all the others they have!   Robert

Library:  Other    Home state:  Alaska

The Portage Lake District Library in Houghton offers the finest services via a wonderful staff (One will even bring books I have ordered to my exercise place, with my permission, if the snow is overwhelming! She does this for others, too) and the marvels of interlibrary loan and the internet. I am a person who likes to borrow books and media first; then, if I truly love a work, I buy it. Thus, as a voracious reader and media user, the public library offers me broad intellectual opportunities that I could not afford otherwise. Our new local library belongs to the community; we have contributed thoughts, money, and materials to its creation and maintenance. To remove funding would destroy a place precious to the general public! For example, I took my 5-year-old grandson there the other day, and he was able to use a computer that offered English and two other languages. One language was German. Since he'll be moving to Germany soon, it was a chance for him to hear the language before going. He?ll be a young American who can, at least, understand and speak a little German right off the bat: a GREAT little ambassador because of the library. The software was right there in the comfortable, inviting children?s area. He loved being there and using the computer. This morning I read a review of a movie I would like to see, but I have also placed a hold on the book on which it was based. I could do this by accessing the library?s database from home. How exciting to be able to do that before the doors open! I can also access full text articles using either my driver?s license or my library card?any time of the day or night. Occasionally, this has helped me with medical questions, eliminating anxious waiting. But do not underestimate the value of the building! Our library is lovely, with gorgeous, huge views of the Portage Canal, comfortable chairs, and equipment many cannot afford. It is accessible, too, to those with disabilities. Who knows how many opportunities and leisure activities it affords those with disabilities. Remember how important Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson thought libraries were. Imagine their delight if they were to see how we can access libraries today, and how those services may evolve. I read the story of the family who used the library to create resumes and to apply for jobs with interest and delight. Library services are also available for local businesses?especially those just beginning. That is what the United States is all about what it was about originally. So, please keep and increase the funding. Knowledge and information, available to all, is the bedrock of a strong local community and a strong nation.                                                                                                                                  Susan Beck

Library:  Portage Lake District Library

My mom took my sisters and I to the library regularly when we were growing up. There was no way they could have afforded to buy all the books we had access to thanks to our local library. Now, as a home school mom with 6 children, the same is true. Between our local library and all of the regional libraries we have access to, the sky is the limit when it comes to reading material. Harry Truman is said to have been the least educated (he didn't go to college) and yet the most educated president because he read every book in his local library! I firmly believe we can learn much of what we need to know to become productive citizens from the books we read. Charlie "Tremendous" Jones says, "We are who we are but for the books we read and the people we associate with". Thanks to the library we will be very well read and will have associated with some great people along the way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sheila Chamberlain

Library:  Other  (address in Sault Ste. Marie)

I remember getting my library card as a small child. I loved to take out books to read, and the librarians were always so nice to me. During summer cleaning, I was able to take out 6 books at a time instead of the usual 2. What richness!! The library has always been the best part of any town that I have lived in. With the UP library cooperative and the Michigan electronic library catalog, I can get almost any book or movie that I want to see. I am so thrilled with this excellent service. Thank you.

Library:  Calumet School Public Library

the first time i went in a library was a long time ago i love reading, movies, and the computer so the local library is a perfect place for me.
I like to go shopping at the library. Especially when I have the shopping urge and no money to satisfy it. I go to the library and that does for me. Lots of entertainment for free, my mind goes traveling when my body is stuck at home. And it's open most of the time. That's my library story in short.

Brenda Milam Frazer

Library:  Alpena County Library

The librarians at the norway branch are so helpful and polite.... other librarians are probably cranky.... but not these librarians they are always willing to help....This library also has all the books and also very well updated and up to todays style.... i would be so disappointed if you closed the Norway Branch library....

Chris Opolka

Library:  Norway Branch of Dickinson County Library

I spend four hours every day driving back and forth to work and without books on CD to get lost in, I would 
get bored and sleepy and a detriment to myself and other drivers.  So you can find me at the library 
often, picking out new stories to wrap myself up in.
Angie Kilvington
Library:  Crawford County Library	
When I was growing up in a large family in Washington state a highlight in the summer would be when the
bookmobile came to our house once a week. My brothers and sisters and I would be able to pick as many books as
we wanted, which opened up worlds beyond the forested hills we were surrounded by. For some reason I ended up
living near Gwinn, Michigan when I was raising my young family. I would take my two children there for story
hour or craft time. My daughter ended up reading almost every book in the library, which honed her academic
skills to the point she graduated Salutatorian in her class. Today I am pleased to be able to live in a town
that has as fine a library as the Peter White Library. The selection of books  is unequaled, and the other
opportunities for the arts, historic research, and the film series add to the opportunities available for all
ages in this town.
Patti Wills

Library:  Peter White Public Library

The library makes our community a better place because most of the time I can't get a book at my school  library and I can get one at the public library.  And  sometimes my sister and I go here on Saturdays and  check out books. My most memorable experience at the  library is when I helped my sister pick out a book and  she ended up loving it.  When I get information from  the library it is usualy for school and that info that  I get is for a report due.  They help me by showing me  where the books are and how to get on the internet.  I  use the library to get info and when I come here with
my sister we check out books and keep them until we are allowed and then we check out different books.  Yes, because our library is very important to the town of Negaunee and its important to me.

Library:  Negaunee Public Library

You can go anywhere . . . while in the library. I've been to Ireland, Scotland, England, Papau New Guinea, ghost towns of the upper peninsula, even the moon! I've explored so many places without going more than 2 miles from my home! Cheaper than a gallon of gas these days!

I love the library and all it offers to me! If they don't have it - they will get it! The Librarians are the BEST!

Pam Larsen

Library:  Peter White Public Library

We LOVE our Peter White library! It is one of the most used services in our community because it's not just  books. The community room is busy every night with classes and activities. And there's even a place where you can get something yummy to eat.  My nine-year old daughter Anna and I visit the library at least once a week. A few months ago she discovered that her reading choices were not limited to the books at Peter White and that she could get even more choices through interlibrary loan. She went crazy selecting all the titles of the books she's been wanting to read.  We're picking up books several times a week because as she puts it "I'm addicted to reading. I have to read every night before bed or I can't fall asleep."  Our library
is so inviting it makes kids want to read. One of our greatest joys of living in Marquette is being walking distance to our beloved library.
Evelyn Massari

Library:  Peter White Public Library

Of course! Libraries rock!  I wouldn't want to be anywhere else :)

Library:  Ironwood Carnegie Library

I LOVE the Wakefield Public Library!!!  It is truly a "community center" that is available to community members and visitors to the area.  My husband 
and I spend the summer months in Wakefield, and the library is our "home away from home."  We are able to read good books for summer reading, enjoy excellent, 
classic DVD programs, and utilize the computers to check our e-mail and keep in touch with friends and loved ones.     We have observed people of ALL ages and walks of 
life enjoying this facility.  Young children come in to enjoy the special section that is set aside for them.  Elderly residents participate in crafts classes at the 
main table.  The facility has even provided literature "outreach" programs to inmates at the nearby prison, in the past.
     I am truly impressed by the number of patrons who enjoy this service.  The services available at the Wakefield library have been one of the reasons why we 
like the community of Wakefield so much.
Sara McGuire
Library:  Wakefield Public Library			
I cannot imagine my life without the PWPL.   First the library helps me meet my goal of never buying a book unless it is not available at the library.  
Interlibrary loan makes this possible and saves me lots of money.  Library resources have helped me with the following life tasks, selling a house, planning 
retirement, buying a house, building a house, upgrading my knitting skills, being an informed grandmother, landscaping, gardening, travel planning, and health 
care and wellness education. PWPL has provided resources to guide my daughter's wedding, management of a multi-generational family camp, and the death of a 
parent.  While living a transient life in between homes, the library was the my only access to a computer for my personal life. I stay safe on the road to visit 
previously named relations by listening to books on tape and music from PWPL, and use other parts of my brain by watching library DVD's while knitting.  The 
staff are always gracious and welcoming.  Every public institution should match this service standard.  What a value!  What a joy! 
Laurel Kniskern
Library:  Peter White Public Library
I love reading and that makes the library the perfect place to find new books.  I also love the high speed internet.  The fun of coming into a place with 
familiar and friendly faces in indescribable.  The library also has so many reading options it would take lifetimes to go through it all.  The Inter-Library 
loan is awesome, it adds so much to the reading possibilities.  The location is wonderful too, just a short walk from downtown.  Thanks for all of the fun!
Matthew Besonen

Library:  Ironwood Carnegie Library

I have used the public library ever since I can remember.  My mom brought my sisters and me every week to check out books and movies.  I remember going to 
story times. Now that I am in college I mainly use the library to get books for recreational reading.  This summer, however, I have taken an online class and have 
used the library to access the Internet. With the Internet access at the library I have been able to keep in touch with my friends from college. I also needed to 
read several business books before I take a class this fall and my library did not have the books.  No problem.  My librarian got my required books through interlibrary loan.  Libraries are great!
Chelsea Engel

Library:  Wakefield Public Library

not much of a story but i have gone to libraries ever since i was 2 years old. i would always check out a movie with my mom or a nice easy book i still do this 
libraries make a difference in everyones lives and are important to all of us	
I have moved frequently in the past 5 years. The first place I go in a new town is the public library to get a library card. It connects me to the new community. Checking out a library book helps me to feel at home.
I currently use the Alpena County Library      Sidni Smith
y library makes my community better because kids that come out of school go to the library and if they didn't have a library most of the kids that come to the 
library would probably be causing trouble with the police and everyone else in the communtiy. My most memerable experience is when I got my library card 
because i love to read and if I didn't have one I probably would be one of those kids who cause trouble for the community. The information that i have gotten 
from the library helped me because I used that info for a projesct at school and got an A. The librarieans help me look for a book when i need help and they help 
everyone in the community. I use the library for info on a project, the computer and for books mostly. My library deserves everyones support because it is a very 
good library and they have never been rude, ignorent or ever kept people from going to the library. And they always love seeing us kids in the library.

Library:  Negaunee Public Library

The library used to be a place were I checked out books every few weeks, and the returned them. Now the library is a fun place were I hang out and made some 
The library here is the best! They have a great teen selection& a great teen group!  Brittany 

Library:  Ironwood Carnegie Library

A book is probably the only entity in the world that will not only show you the world for what it is (non-fiction) or show you the world the way you'd like
to see it (fiction)! 
My first book was "8 o'clock tales by Enid Blyton" back in the late 1980s. Since then books have always kept me good company. I've moved a lot of places through out my
life and one of the first things I did when I moved to a new place was to locate the closest library.

None of the libraries I've been a member of have ever disappointed and I am sure that even after a 100 years from now, when technology would have progressed so far
that it would probably take thirty minutes to travel from Boston to Bombay, books would be the best company for even those thirty minutes!
Aneet D. Narendra

Library:  Portage Lake District Library

umm i think the library is really great and i come here all the time!!
I am a student, and i use the library to get the books i need not only for my education, but also for my entertainment.The librairians are very helpful, and 
help me when i need it. If they take away he online catalouge, that would make my education a bit more complicated, because if i cannot find a book in my 
local library, I use the catalouge to search other libraries for the book i need. If they take the catalouge away, i would not be able to travel to any 
other libraries to get my books.
Levi Pratt

Library:  Gerrish Higgins School Public Library

 i love the library because i can learn so much in the library,the librarians are so nice to me and they are 
helpfull so much.

angel anderson

Library:  Ironwood Carnegie Library

A Story: I cannot imagine my life without the library.

As budgets across the country are tightening, many families, including my own, are reassessing expenses and determining that entertainment expenses must be reduced.
As a result, we have eliminated all trips to the video store and cut our cable TV bill to exclude all but the most basic services. We may eliminate cable completely
at some point down the road.

As a result, we are all reading more these days, a positive result stemming from a negative situation - not a bad thing at all! But we need the library and its vast
resources in order to meet the needs of all of the individuals in our family - from the elementary age children to the teenage to the 50-something mother who
devours books at an astounding rate.

We regularly use the library's online "hold" service. It's really wonderful to search for and choose books to read and then quickly stop by the library to pick them
up. The staff at Peter White Public Library in Marquette, MI are always friendly and helpful. We are there every single week.

I encourage everyone I know to use the library's resources. The more we use it, the more essential it becomes.

Brenda Stacey 
ELibrary: Peter White Public Library	
Our library is my safe,warm,and friendly place.It is the place I come when I am both depressed and happy. when I am down and I need to get out (and getting out is crucial to my health),I am Bipolar and need a safe and non threatening place.I can come here,. but I dont have to talk or be friendly to anyone (your supposed to be quiet anyway). And yet everyone IS so friendly and helpful.I especially like the ongoing puzzles,Ilove the rocking chairs in front of the big windows,and the little private alcoves are perfect places to find privacy. I cant seem to express how important this place is for me.

Library:  Menominee County Library

The library has been a place of information and fascination for me since I read Snip, Snap and Snurr when I was six years old in 1942. I have been a devoted reader and library user ever since. I have many books at home, but the library collection makes any topic available to me. It is a good opportunity for me to borrow a book first to see if it is one which I want to buy. I especially like the library interloan feature. That opens up even more information and enjoyment to me. The books on tape and CD are really great. It's amazing how many more books I can "read" by listening to them in the car. Also enjoyable are the music CDs. I have not yet borrowed any of the prints of paintings yet, but what a good idea that is! At our local library the children's department is very active. What wonderful adventures the librarians who work in that area give to the children who come. Our library also sponsors the adult literacy program; I can't say enough about the opportunities that program offers people. Our local library has many many more vibrant programs too numerous to mention. In this time of economic woes how really poor a community would be without the many terrific and free services available at the library.

Suzanne Lawson

Library: Alpena County Library

i loooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee the library soooo much i love the projedts i love how the librarians are so welcoming and i just love everything about the library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Library:  Ironwood Carnegie Library

The Peter White Public Library is a place I go with my > children weekly. We absolutely love it there. The children's section is amazing. We attend Book Babies  and also come frequently on our own to read and play.  My daughter is 6 and my son is 2. They also attend  parties and events held at the library. I recently  used the reference section and had impeccable service  when looking for a book. I think our library is a  huge asset to our community.

 Nina van den Ende

Library:  Peter White Public Library

When I was young and attended Sacred Heart Catholic School, I received my public library card. The library  was a stop on my walk home from school, and it was a > place to get picture books to look at and read. In high school, the library was a place to have the prestigious job of library aid. But, it was a learning  experience to the inner workings of a library, and I  loved stamping the date on the library cards. As a  young mother, the library's books provided the get-away  needed during mid-night feedings. During economic down-turns, the library always had the books I couldn't buy  but wanted to read. Later, it became an informational  source for family research. The librarians and clerks always had a friendly smile a minute to listen to my latest gossip. I am amazed today to find myself the Library Director and understand the satisfaction that comes from helping each patron.

Chris Collins

Library:  L'Anse Area School Public Library

As a child my mother would often take me to the library. For some reason that is still unknown to me I fell in love with the library. I have moved many times in my life and in each place the first location I visit is the library. While there I secure a library card and begin my treasure hunt. Each library I have experienced has contained things unique, or perhaps that I have never come across before. Often my neck gets sore from scanning shelves. I use the library for information, leisure, challenge, and exploration. I have also used the libary for study, and research. It has been of unestimable value in my academic study.

Joe Basso

Library:  Dickinson County Library

This is my library story. Hi! My name is Mimi and I am 11 years old. Ever since I went to the library, I loved to read. Everyone should get a chance to see their library and start enjoying to read from it. One day I was at a book store and there was a book i really wanted to read, but i could't buy it because it costed a lot of money. The next day i went to visit the library, and I got surprised. The book that I wanted to read was on a shelf. I couldn't believe my eyes! Now, I realized that it was a smart move to get a library card.The library is useful because you can use the computers for fun or for shool projects ( i use them for fun things sometimes) for free and you get smarter for reading books. The people here are really friendly and they make reading a lot more fun by doing reading programs and all that kind of stuff. So Please don't shut librarys down. They made me a great reader and they will probably make other kids great readers too! The End! (I got The End from books!)


Library:  Dickinson County Library

I have composed a "Library Song" for children. It would be my pleasure to share it with you in person and teach it to a group of children. Meanwhile here are the words. Chorus Let's all go to the library There's a puppet play and a movie to see Lots of books from A to Z Meet a friend at the library I want a book about people, people who are like me, Some mystery, history, biography I'll sample here and there, find assistance when I care To ask a question of the librarian. There's a friend who will help me find what I want to read, A catalogue of titles is just what I need, And if a word I'm missin' whether be it fact or fiction I know I'll find it in the dictionary.

Sheila Devlin

Library:  Peter White Public Library, Marquette

i love the library. It is my place to get away from the real world, to forget my problems, to leave them all behind. I love how they have the table and chairs where you can just sit and relax and really just have a good time. My friends think that I'm crazy for coming to the library to "have a good time" but I just tell them..hey this is my "forget the troubles of my life and the world" place

Christina Fournier

Library:  Escanaba Public Library

The librarians have helped me to understand that reading is really important in your life because it helps you to get an education and helps you to learn about the things you're reading about. My most memorable experience was the water painting that was really fun and if you did not know how to water paint you just learned something. I use the library because the books,I LOVE to READ!! I believe the library deserves everyone's support because it's so old and right now peaple are helping to redecorite.It is a historical place that was founded by our very own Andrew Carnegie,see I read and i knew that. When I came here for my first time I did not want to leave. Now I come to the library to read about 6 books when I come here and yes it made a difference. That's my library story.

Rachel Allen

Library: Ironwood Carnegie Library

I love to read. I have a daughter-in-law that works for the library down state, and before we moved up here to Iron Mtn. she used to bring me books, we did not live far from her as i baby sat for my grandchildren.But now I don,t get out of the house as I have respatory problems and am on oxygen 24/7 it makes it easier for me to get books from the library, I tried once to go to the library here but i get short of breath, so betweenmy husband and daughter and my internet all i have to do is request or put a book on hold and they call me to let me know when they are in and they will pick them up.

Edith Vergowven

Library:  Dickinson County Library

They have hade almost all the book that I have wanted , and I think that is so cool. thanks for all your hard work


Not everyone knows that you can make memorial donations to the library. The library will then acknowledge the donation to who ever you designate.

About six years ago I donated $25 to the Bayliss Public Library in Sault Sainte Marie in memory of a dear friend of my parents. I mentioned that she loved to read detective 
stories. Imagine my delight when I opened the cover of a book I had just started to read to see the "In Memory Of" plate. I wrote my sisters and the daughter of the 
deceased about the experience. My sisters all wrote back with stories and memories of this most extraordinary person. But when her Daughter wrote back and said, 
"Thanks for telling me about this. I have been thinking a lot about her recently as her birthday was the 11th. She did love murder mysteries." 

John Schaeffer  Library:  Bayliss Public Library
I'm new to the area and have a hard time meeting people so I spend at lot time at home alone. I love the e-books since I have trouble reading having 
developed eye problems getting books on line and having them read to me is perfect. My problem is I get engrossed in listening I go thru the 4 alloted books 
in a matter of days. I'm not sure why we are only allowed such a small number but raising the limit would be great.

The people at the library here are the best. Very friendly and helpful.
Lois Ann Marsh  Library: Forsyth Twp Library
I think the library makes our community a better place cause it lets us learn and its a place to be. My most memorable experience at the library is seeing people I know here 
and different books they have. It has made me look at ironwood in a different way. Getting on the computer, finding a book every way. To find information or to go online.
Cause it is a good place to be and they have lots of books you can learn from. My library story is about how i feel, my experiences and my support of the Ironwood 
Carnegie Library.
my library at my old school use to whenever i would walk in grab a book she thought i would like. I walked in one aftrenoon and instaed of takin the book she 
offered, wich was ONE SUMMER NIGHT, i asked if she would show me all of her adult ficton in the genre i liked i picked at least 4 books from there that week 
from then on she gave me both the adult and teen ficton. she was the only libraryian that knew me that well.

Library:  Tahquamenon Area School Public Library