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Glaser, Linda.  ITíS SUMMER.  Illus by Susan Swan.  Brookfield, CT:  Millbrook,
    2003.  32p.  0-7613-1757-0; lib.bdg., $21.90     0-7613-1735-X; pb.   2001-044771
    PreS-Gr. 3     E

    This is the last book in a series about seasons that includes ITíS FALL (2001),  ITíS SPRING,  (2001),  and ITíS WINTER (2002).  The format is the same: bright collage illustrations and rhyme.  This title evokes summer colors in plants, animals, and humans.  There are several pages of ďNature Activities to Do When Itís Summer.Ē   There is a hint that fall is coming.  The end papers and colors within give a warm feeling to the season.  This title should round out the entire collection.
    Mary Ann Paulin, Director; Superiorland Preview Center, Marquette, Michigan
    32 years of experience as a school library/media specialist

Jackson, Ellen.  THE SUMMER SOLSTICE.  Illus by Jan Davey Ellis.  Brookfield, CT:
    Millbrook, 2001.  32p. 0-7613-12838; hb., $14.95   0-7613-1623-X; lib.bdg.,  $21.90.
    00-41870  Gr. 2-6  394.263

    This book, similar in scope to Jacksonís THE WINTER SOLSTICE (M, 1994) and AUTUMN EQUINOX (M, 2000), will be equally appreciated.  The book begins with celebrations of the summer solstice from ancient times throughout the world including Lithuanians, Chumash Indians of California, Anasazi Indians of New Mexico, ancient cultures of Egypt and Europe.  Readers learn that the festival was celebrated as Midsummer in Europe on John the Baptistís birthday, June 24, is sometimes called St. Johnís Day or the Feast Day of St. John.   Included are: legends, beliefs, customs, activities, a scientific explanation of the sun, as well as an experiment using a flashlight and an orange to understand how the position of the earth and sun create the seasons.  The book concludes with a Hawaiian solstice story about Maui, some midsummer activities, and a bibliography.  This is a handsome and informative addition to school and public libraries.
    Mary Ann Paulin; Director, Superiorland Preview Center
    32 years of experience as a school library/media specialist

Schnur, Steven.  SUMMER:  AN ALPHABET ACROSTIC.  Illustrated by Leslie Evans.
    New York: Clarion, 2001.  32p.  0-618-02372-0; hb., $15.00  PreS-Gr. 2    E   or    793.73

    The hand-colored linoleum blocks add significantly to this book about summer.  The first acrostic, awning, is not an easy one, but beach, cabin, and daisy are more easily recognized.  Xeric is a word most readers will have to look up in a dictionary but the use of X to make the Roman numeral for 12 is clever.  The illustrations are a mixture of modern and times past.  The campers carry backpacks and water bottles and both campers and joggers wear modern shoes but other linoleum prints show scenes from the past.  The farm scene shows an outdated tractor and an old lighthouse guides ships into port.  The swimming hole and band shell evoke times past, while a woodpile and village Fourth of July parade are comfortable in the present and the past.  Although at times the illustrations are mixed metaphors, this book is still a good choice.  Public librarians should display this book around the Fourth of July and Memorial Day because both holidays are included.  School librarians should provide the book to teachers whose classes are studying seasons and the alphabet.  The title helps explain to primary students the variety of events that will happen from the time school is out until classes resume in the fall.  Although not as successful as the previous titles, purchase this one to round out the series.  Libraries not owning AUTUMN (1997) and SPRING (1999) need to order them.
    Mary Ann Paulin; Director, Superiorland Preview Center
    32 years of experience as a school library/media specialist

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