Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Roscommon Area District Library is a non-profit, charitable group whose mission is to promote the development of excellent library services for all patrons through fundraising, advocacy and volunteerism. The Friends of RADL formed in 2010 and is also a member of the Michigan Friends of Libraries. This local group of over 140 women and men is comprised of friendly neighbors, full-time residents and snow-birds” who share a fondness for the Roscommon Area District Library. 

The Friends of RADL support the library by sponsoring programming for all ages, providing refreshments, volunteering as needed and helping fund library needs that may be outside of the library budget.

Membership is open to everyone.  Annual dues are $5.00. Applications are available at RADL and the Lyon Branch Library.

Monthly meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at Fred’s Restaurant of Roscommon. The group gathers at 11:30 am to visit and order lunch.  A business meeting begins at noon. 

Other events by the Friends of the Roscommon Area District Library include a Wine and Beer Tasting in February, working a table at the Business Expo, and selling crafts at Christmas in the Village at the CRAF Center.

Ways to support:

•   become a member

•   bring in Family Fare receipts at RADL and the Lyon Branch for an ongoing fundraiser

•   select RADL as your Amazon Smile charity as another ongoing fundraiser

•   buy used books from the Friends Used Books shelves at the back of RADL.

Officers and Committee Chairs: 2016 – 2018

•   President: Connie Allen

•   Vice President: Susan Horvat

•   Secretary: Mary Lou Jennette

•   Treasurer: Valerie Remenar

•   Liason to the RADL Board: Caroline Larson

•   Trustee and Chair of the Nominating Committee: Bev Emery

•   Trustee and RADL Board Liason: Phyllis Mills

•   Trustee and Member at large: Ruth Mutchler

•   Membership – Valerie Remenar

•   Fundraising – Susan Horvat & Ruth Mutchler

•   Events – Valerie Remenar

•   Publications – Linda Brick

•   Used Book Sales – Linda Brick, Caroline Larson & Gail Lynch

•   Landscaping – Joyce Ballard

For more information:

•   call RADL at 989-281-1305

•   visit us on Facebook at “Friends of Roscommon Area District Library”

•   write to The Friends of RADL, P.O. Box 311, Roscommon, MI 48653.


•   Bylaws

•   Quilt Challenge 2017

•   Friends Quilt Challenge – 2017 Information Sheet


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