Vote: November 6, 2018

On November 6, 2018 residents living in the Peter White Public Library service area will have the opportunity to vote in support of Library services.  The library will be asking for a Headlee Override* throughout the service area. The Headlee Override ballot approval will restore the original millage rates for library services and help  stabilize the library operating budget.

The original Headlee Amendment was made to temporarily limit local government revenue growth by rolling back the tax rate (millage). The Headlee Override involves asking the voters to approve raising the millage rate back to its original rate. Additional information about the Headlee Override can be found on the MSU Extension website.

How will the Headlee Override impact my taxes?
Contracted and Current Millage Rates
Library Service Area Contracted Millage Rate 2017 Actual Rate Headlee Adjusted
City of Marquette 1.5 1.3685
Chocolay Twp 1.0 .7334
Marquette Twp 1.0 .9061
Sands Twp 1.0 .9
Skandia 1.0 .9951
West Branch 1.0 .9205
Estimated increases for a home value of $150,000
(taxable value of $75,000)
Library Service Area Approx Headlee Override Household Annual  impact Household Monthly impact
City of Marquette 0.1315 $9.86 $0.82
Chocolay Twp 0.2666 $20.00 $1.67
Marquette Twp 0.0939 $7.04 $0.59
Sands Twp 0.1712 $12.84 $1.07
*Skandia Twp 0.0049 $0.37 $0.03
West Branch Twp 0.0795 $5.96 $0.50

Why is each library service area different?

The Headlee Amendment caps growth; that is why areas with the most growth have the largest Headlee rollback.  The Headlee Override only asks to have the original millage rate reset.  It does not seek to raise the tax rate above the approved contracted amount.

*PWPL will not be on the ballot in Skandia Township, due to the low Headlee rollback rate.

Looking Forward: What’s Next?

What happens if the Headlee Overrides pass?
Additional millage funds will stabilize the library operating budget. Depending on how many of the Headlee Override proposals pass, this could create enough additional funding for increased service hours and expanded library services.

What happens if the Headlee Overrides do not pass?
The PWPL Board of Trustees must consider cuts to library services and operating hours. Cuts will be based on the overrides that are successful and service and operating hour priorities.

Are there additional sources of funding for the library?
The library regularly raises 10% of the operating budget with fundraising. State funding, penal fines and fines/fees account for 15% of the operating budget. The largest amount, 75%, comes from property taxes. To maintain services and operating hours it is crucial that stable tax funding supports the library. Further losses to tax revenue will impact the level of services the library is able to offer.

Graph of funding sources for the library, 75% is property taxes.

Do people still use the library?
Yes! Library use has remained steady over time. PWPL is more than books. Last year the library hosted over 1,700 meetings and over 23,000 people enjoyed 753 library programs.


See Annual Report statistics to better understand how the library is used and funded.