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The Peter White Public Library offers an effective and fun way to improve children's reading skills through the assistance of certified therapy pets.

Animals are ideal reading companions because they are
attentive listeners; they don't judge or criticize, so children are comfortable reading aloud to them.

Library Pet Partners is modeled on the same principles as the national R.E.A.D. program (see website below).  "Dog Nights" allow for reading time on a drop-in basis.  Reading sessions may also be scheduled for individual students at the mutual convenience of the reader and dog owner.

Oscar is a very friendly dog who likes to splash in the water and enjoys trips to the dog park where he meets up with friends.  His specialty is holding hands with his reader.
Roxy Roxy
Roxy is a 3 year- old  mixed breed dog - Chow and Shepherd.  She loves running and playing fetch; but most of all, she likes hanging out with her people pals to read a good story.  Roxy will be at the library waiting for kids to come and read to her.
Beth Ann Beth Ann
Beth Ann is a 9 year-old Greyhound.  She loves to run around the yard in the morning, then come inside and lie on the couch with her favorite book.  Since she's not able to read the book by herself, she would like to meet some new friends at the library to read to her.
Summer Summer
Summer, aunt of Dyson, also keeps a busy schedule. This Springer Spaniel is an experienced therapy dog spending service time at nursing homes and at the library with other Pet Partners.  

Dually is a 4 year-old Burnese
Mountain Dog.  He is very
strong and can pull a sled, cart, or wagon.  Dually  has a few favorite stories and would enjoy hearing more.  He loves
children and reading with them at the library.  Dually and Dora are READ affiliate dogs.

Dora Dora
Dora is 2 1/2 years old - the puppy of Dually's littermate Panda. So Dually is Dora's uncle. She is very exuberant and likes to explore- so her name fits her well. Her AKC registered name is Pandora Princess- but we call her Dora Diane. Dora loves coming to the library to meet new friends.
Coco and Sam

Coco and Sam are both Goldendoodles, a mix of golden retriever and poodle, As you can see, Coco has a black coat; Sam's is white. Their personalities are also opposite.  Coco likes to be the life of the party, while Sam likes to make friends  wherever he goes.
Dora Foxy, Beth Ann, Kylie
Beth Ann  takes turns at the library with Foxy (darker coat) and young Kylie, as they all enjoy reading with children.

Please call the Youth Services Desk (226-4323) for more information on Library Pet Partners.

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