Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is available throughout the Library. For futher information on laptop use @ PWPL see Laptops.   

Laptop Connections Wi-Fi


In order to access the Internet at the PWPL, your personal laptop has to be configured to use either wireless and/or DHCP. Current MS Windows Operating Systems will already be automatically configured for DHCP by default.  

Some corporate laptops may be configured with static TCP/IP and will need to be reconfigured to use a non-static configuration. If you are unsure of how your laptop is configured, please contact your corporation’s Network Administrator for instructions on how to reconfigure it.  

A laptop must be equipped with either a wireless adaptor and/or a network card (NIC). A “modem” will NOT work!! Attempting to connect a modem can damage both your computer and the library jacks! Please pay special attention to the ports on your laptop especially if yours has both a network and modem port. (The network port on a laptop is shaped much like a telephone jack, but is wider.)

What You Need


Non-Wireless (Ethernet): 

 A list of available ports is available at the Reference Desk on the second floor.

 Important!  Before making any changes, be sure to  record your current network settings.

Please note: The Peter White Public Library Staff cannot provide technical support and is not responsible for changes that you make to your personal laptop to establish Internet connectivity.

 NON-WIRELESS Instructions for Windows 98/ME & NT/2000

  1. Start your laptop.

  2. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel. 

  3. Double click on the Network Icon (Network & Dialup Connection for Windows 2000). 

  4. Scroll to the TCP/IP line for your network adapter, highlight it, then click on the Properties button. 

  5. Click on "Obtain IP Address Automatically." (Note: If "Obtain IP Address Automatically" is already set, then you are using DHCP and are configured for the Internet. Click Cancel, then Cancel again. You will not need to follow the remaining instructions.)

  6. Click on the DNS tab and ensure that NO DNS servers are specified.

  7. Click on the Gateway tab and ensure NO Default Gateways are specified.

  8. Click on OKAY, then OKAY again to close the network properties dialogue box.

  9. Reboot your laptop.

Important!  Before making any changes, be sure to record your current network settings.

NON-WIRELESS Instructions for Windows XP

  1.  Start your laptop. 

  2.  Click on Start > Control Panel. 

  3.  Double click on "Network Connections." 

  4.  Double Click on "Local Area Connection." 

  5.  Click on "Properties."

  6.  Scroll down and Highlight "Internet Protocol" (TCP/IP). 

  7.  Single Click "Properties." 

  8.  Select "Obtain IP Address Automatically." 

  9.  Select "Obtain DNS Address Automatically." 

  10. Click on Okay, then Okay again to exit the configuration screens. 

  11. Click on CLOSE.

  12. Reboot your laptop. (This may not always be necessary with newer laptop computers.)