A digital scanner is available for patron usage of one hour per day. A library card or guest pass is needed to use the scanner. After scanning a text document, picture or combination of picture and text, the patron can print, save to a floppy disk or save onto a CD.


Adopted July 15, 2003

The Peter White Public Library will provide a self-service public access scanner for use by PWPL patrons during regular Library hours.

The Peter White Public Library Scanner Policy and the Peter White Public Library Computer and Internet Use Policy and Guidelines will apply to use of the scanner.

The scanner will be located on the second floor of the Library.

Residents of the PWPL legal service area or who have purchased a non-resident card, with a library card in good standing, can use the scanner free of charge. Non-residents and Michicard holders will have to purchase a Computer Use Guest Pass for the cost of $2.00. A guest pass allows the guest to access the Library's scanner for one (1) hour per day.  Patrons are also  limited to one (1) hour of scanner use per day.

Printing of scanned images will be charged at the Library's printer fees of 10 cents per page for black & white and 50 cents per page for color. Regular 10# photocopy paper will be furnished.

Patrons who want to copy onto photo-finish paper, must purchase the photo-finish paper from the Library. Photo-finish paper will cost 40 cents per sheet. The printing fees will also apply to prints made on paper purchased from the PWPL.

Library staff will provide a brief introduction to and basic instruction on the operation of the scanner for patron as time allows. Answering the telephone and assisting patrons will take precedence over the scanner.

Library staff are not allowed to operate the scanner for patrons or to assist in editing materials to be scanned or editing scanner output.

All use of the scanner is subject to U.S. Copyright law, and patrons will be responsible for using all scanned materials in accordance with all copyright laws.

Patrons may save their scanning results to a floppy disc or CD-ROM. If patrons wish to do so, they must provide their own discs or CDs.

The scanning of items belonging to the Peter White Public Library that are fragile, brittle, aged or in poor condition will not be allowed. The Library will not allow photocopying or scanning of materials that could be damaged by the process.

All scanning is done at the patron's own risk. The Peter White Public Library will not assume responsibility for materials that are damaged by the scanning process.