Proctor Exams

The Peter White Public Library offers proctoring services for examinations.

Library fee changes going into effect April 1, 2015:


Proctoring services for persons registered for a Peter White Public Library card, who are patrons in good standing, will be available for a fee of $25.00 per examination (up to three hours).

Payment by cash, check or credit card must be made at the time of application for proctoring services (at least seven days in advance).

All costs related to the examination such as postage for mailing the examination, answer sheets, or photocopying, is the responsibility of the student and must be paid prior to the return of the examination to the testing institution.


Applications are available at the reference desk on the second floor of the Library, in PDF form below, or online.

Completed applications with all required attachments, including fees, must be received either by mail or at the reference desk at least seven days in advance of the desired testing appointment. No appointments will be scheduled until the application is complete.

To ensure proctor's capacity to comply with testing requirements, a complete application must include the testing requirements issued by the educational institution. 

Scheduling Appointments

Proctoring services will be scheduled by application, subject to the availability of authorized staff, with registered patrons in good standing given first priority.

Regular library activities will take precedence over proctoring services. As a result, appointments will be scheduled only during regular library hours when there is sufficient staff. While the library staff will do its best to meet the scheduling needs of the student, the staff will determine date and time for appointments.

Examinations must be scheduled such that students have sufficient time to complete all exam requirements prior to the Library's scheduled closing time. The library will not allow a student to complete an exam after the Library's designated closing time.

If a student does not appear for an appointment, library staff will not reschedule the exam. All fees paid will be forfeited.

Examination Rules and Restrictions

When the Library agrees to proctor an examination, it is obligated to follow the instructions and rules of the institution. Students must follow all instructions of the Library staff regarding the examination.

At this time we cannot provide proctoring for examinations that require unusual or stringent proctoring guidelines (e.g., downloading software onto library computers, examinations that require multiple timed-sections, etc.); nor can we provide a private area for on-line examinations.

To confirm exam appointments, please contact the Reference Department, at 906-226-4311.

Printable Proctor Policy (PDF) Application Form (PDF) Online Application Form