Laptop Computer Use @ PWPL

Personal laptop computers are allowed within the Peter White Public Library for the owner's use. Persons using personal laptop computers and PWPL data ports must adhere to the Peter White Public Library's Computer and Internet Use Policy and Guidelines as if they were on a Library computer. These ports are located on each floor of the Library and are designated as being active (live) with a colored dot above the orange jack. A map showing the location of the active data ports is at the Reference Desk.

Laptop users have three (3) options for connecting to the Internet while at PWPL. The first option is our wireless system, which requires a personal laptop to have wireless capabilities. PWPL has two wireless network connections, called pwplfloor1 and pwplfloor2. Individuals may connect to either one regardless of which floor you are on, but the one with the strongest signal would work better.  

The second option is wireless made possible by Northern Michigan University (NMU). NMU student laptops are able to use the University’s wireless system at the PWPL once the laptop has been updated at the Academic Computing Office.  

A third option is for individuals whose laptops do not have wireless capability. PWPL has data jacks located throughout the Library on all three floors. These jacks are orange in color and are identified by circular colored labels adhered above or below each available jack. In order to connect to these data jacks, your laptop will need a network card/adapter and an ethernet cable to plug into one of the data jacks. Ethernet cables are available for free use at the Reference Desk upon surrender of a driver’s license or other ID. Not all PWPL staff has the expertise to assist in the configuration process that is sometimes necessary to use the Internet through the Library’s data ports. Handouts are available, upon request,  at the Reference Desk to assist laptop users to configure their laptops for Internet use.  

Printing from any laptop is available, depending on your computer format. Check with the Reference Desk for specific instructions. As always, if you need to print a document or picture, e-mail it to yourself, and then use one of our public computers to retrieve the document for printing.

Patron Responsibilities

All patrons accessing the Internet via a laptop must comply with the following:

Library Responsibilities

The Library and its Staff will:

Prohibited Activities

Any activity that interferes with or disrupts computer access is prohibited. The Peter White Public Library reserves the right to restrict Internet access to violators. When it is appropriate, violators will also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Examples of misuse include:

Consequences of Violating Computer Use Guidelines

Library Staff will determine if a patron has violated the Peter White Public Library Computer and Internet Use Policy and Guidelines. Consequences are based on the severity of the infraction. For most violations there is a system of four (4) warnings that will apply.

For a complete copy of the Computer and Internet Use Policy and Guidelines see Computer Policies, or ask any of the Librarians in the Library for a printed copy.