Copy, Fax and Print


There is a black & white photocopier located on the second floor for public use. Regular 8 1/2"x11" copies are $0.15 per copy, 8 1/2"x14" are $0.15 per page and larger 11"x17" are $0.20 each. 

Fax (906-226-1783)

PWPL offers fax machine services to the public for a minimal charge. Rates are $1.00 per page for an outgoing fax in the continental U.S. and $0.50 per page for incoming faxes. For faxes to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, the cost is $2.00 per page for outgoing and $1.00 per page for incoming faxes.


A black & white laser jet printer is available for the computers in the Computer Lab. Printouts may be picked up and paid for at the Reference Desk. The eight (8) computers outside the lab print to the same black & white printer located at the Reference Desk. Printouts made by the Library's computers and printers cost $0.10 per page payable on the honor system to the Reference Desk.

Color printing is also available on the Lab computers and the eight (8) computers outside the lab. The color printer is located behind the Reference Desk. Instructions on how to do color printing are available from the Reference Desk Staff. These copies cost $0.50 per page. Please ask for assistance, as the color printer is not always warmed up.

Printing is also available from the five (5) computers on the main floor in both color or black & white. These printouts go to printers in the Circulation Workroom, so must be picked up and paid for at the Circulation Desk.

Patrons must request Staff to turn on the printer (only black & white is available in the YS Dept.) when printing on the computers found in the Children's Room.