Anatomy '59 Anatomy '59
The Making of a Classic Motion Picture

A documentary by John Pepin recounting
the crime - July 1952
the book - January 1958
the movie - June 1959

Available at WNMU-TV (Northern Michigan University) for $29.95

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Anatomy of a Murder
John Voelker used the pen name Robert Traver
to write "Anatomy of a Murder."
The story was based on courtroom
experience with the Peterson trial in 1952.

Anatomy of a Murder DVD
Jimmy Stewart, Lee Remick, Ben Gazarra,
and  Eve Arden starred in the 1959 film
version of "Anatomy of a Murder,"
directed by Otto Preminger.

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and the Peterson trial in 1952.
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Filming "Anatomy of a Murder " on location in Marquette County
photos of the movie
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