Saving Copper Country Birds at the Library

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Birds hitting windows is one of the leading causes of death. Birds see a reflection of the outdoors in a window so they try to fly right through. Windows close to trees are worst. The Portage Lake District Library has had a lot of bird strikes, especially on the bridge side where there are trees. A Copper Country Audubon member who worked at the library requested help to prevent bird strikes at the library.

Stencils of hawks and other things can be put on windows to help prevent bird strikes, but none are as effective as a new product that birds see but humans can’t. Bird’s Eye View® window films are six-inch plastic films that look like frosted glass. They are easy to install and clean and are non-adhesive, so they remove easily as well.

The films work by reflecting ultraviolet light that the birds can see. Humans barely see the films but birds see a bright blue glow across the window surface. The films are not 100% effective at preventing bird strikes, but having them on large windows reduces window strikes by up to 80%.

Copper Country Audubon donated 30 films to the Portage Lake District Library to help prevent bird strikes. They have a decorative design so they do not obstruct the beautiful views from the library windows. The donation is made possible by members of Copper Country Audubon. Window films were also put on some of the worst windows at Michigan Tech. For more information about Copper Country Audubon contact Dana Richter, 482-3361 or

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