Community Book Discussion: Dear Martin

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Join us on Thursday, August 29, from 1 – 2:30pm for a discussion about this summer’s Reading as Inquiry selection, Dear Martin, facilitated by Ruth Ryynanen. Over the summer, first-year students at Michigan Tech are asked to read the selection to prepare them for college-level reading. Each year, community members are also invited to read the book and attend a book discussion at the library.

About the Book
Nic Stone’s New York Times bestselling Dear Martin, is the unforgettable story of high school senior, Justyce McAllister, and his emotional journey that leaves him questioning everything he knows. This raw, hard-hitting, and honest look at American race relations is widely embraced by readers of all ages, and continues to captivate new readers experiencing the book for the first time. Dear Martin is the novel that everyone needs to read, regardless of race, nationality, age, or gender. Stone says, “I hope [Justyce’s] journey will give readers a way to identify their own questions. And answers.”

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