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How to Get a PLDL Library Card



Anyone can sign up for a PLDL library card. How you get your card depends on where you live. People who live in or own property in the City of Houghton or Chassell or Portage Townships may sign up for a library card at no additional cost. People who live outside of the library district may obtain a card by paying a non-resident fee.

For more information, we have included an excerpt from our policies about registering for a library card below. If you are still unsure about how to get a card, please stop in to see us or call 906-482-4570.

From our policies:

1. Library Card Application

1.1 Registration

1.1.1. Portage Lake District Library District is a tax supported institution including Chassell and Portage Townships and the City of Houghton. District residents pay no additional fees for obtaining a borrower’s card.

1.1.2. Non-resident fees

• Non-resident fee is $85 per person and $130 per family and is good for twelve months.

• Michigan Tech University students may use the library without a fee if they live on-campus, in the City of Houghton, Chassell Township or Portage Township. Proof of current registration is required.

1.2. All applicants for a Portage Lake District Library borrower’s card must register in person and authorize the agreement. Applicants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive a library card.

1.3. Patron Types

1.3.1. Adult patrons: defined as everyone 18 years old or older;

1.3.2. Juvenile patrons: everyone from birth up to and including 17 years old;

1.3.3. Business patrons: owner, director, CEO, or president of an organization, business, or institute may apply for a card in entity’s name for use by the organization

1.4. Application must be completed in full, including street address for patrons with PO Box numbers; general delivery addresses and storage facilities are not acceptable forms of address

1.5. Proof of name and current address is required to receive a library card.

1.5.1. Acceptable forms of photo ID are current:

• Valid State Driver’s License

• Valid State ID card

• Passport

• Immigration card, VISA, or Green card

• Military ID card

• Veteran’s ID card

1.5.2. Acceptable forms of address verification are these items with both current name and address:

• Driver’s License

• State ID

• Current utility bill

• Current mail (postmarked within 30 days)

1.5.3. Card will be mailed if none of the above forms of address verification is available; account will be restricted until verified. Applications for minors:

1.5.4. Patrons under 18 years of age must have application card authorized by parent or guardian.

1.5.5. Parent or guardian must accompany minor and must present appropriate ID.

1.6. Card replacement fee

1.6.1. There is no charge for the first card set issued.

1.6.2. After that there is a $2.00 fee to replace a library card set.

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