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The Woman Who Smashed Codes: A True Story of Love, Spies, and the Unlikely Heroine Who Outwitted America’s Enemies by Jason Fagone

Imagine having a talent so valuable that the Coast Guard is knocking at your door, begging you to work for them. This was the case for Elizebeth Friedman, one of the first code breakers in the United States. The Woman Who Smashed Codes describes the life of Elizebeth and her husband, William Friedman who were both instrumental in code breaking…

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The Blinds by Adam Sternbergh

I enjoyed this book simply because it’s so different. A secret town in a remote part of Texas where not only are some of this country’s most notorious criminals living, but the witnesses against them as well. The government has developed a program to alter their memories. The citizens of the Blinds have no way of knowing if they are…

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Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew J. Sullivan

I tend to gravitate towards books that take place within a bookstore or library. I can’t help it. It comes with the territory. In Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore we meet Lydia, an eccentric employee who befriends the store’s BookFrogs. I had no idea what a BookFrog was. Turns out, a BookFrog is a lost and lonely regular who…

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Devastation Road by Jason Hewitt

In his brilliant new novel, Jason Hewitt tells the story of one of the 11.5 million refugees in Europe immediately after the end of  World War II. His name is Owen. In the spring of 1945, Owen wakes up in a field he doesn’t recognize, in clothes that don’t fit and no memory of the last few years. He is…

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She Rides Shotgun by Jordan Harper

Debut novels continue to be my favorite, and She Rides Shotgun by Jordan Harper did not disappoint. Shotgun is a gritty, dark and violent ride from start to finish. The story of eleven-year-old tough as nails, Polly McClusky “kidnapped” by her ex-con father, Nate in order to save her life will have you feeling shocked, cringing and cheering all at…

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Beartown by Fredrik Backman

I am not a hockey or huge sports fan, but I recently read Beartown by Fredrik Backman and really loved it. The plot revolves around a small town in northern Sweden whose identity is wrapped up in their youth hockey team. Basically the small northern town is dying and has nothing much going for it except this hockey team. The…

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Close Enough to Touch by Colleen Oakley

Thoroughly entertaining, heartwarming, hilarious and just plain amazing- that is how I would describe this book.  Oakley has created three of the best characters I have been introduced to in a very long time. Jubilee Jenkins (her name alone has a certain ring to it), Eric and his adopted son, Aja will steal your heart. The story centers on Jubilee’s…

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Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy

Do Not Become Alarmed is a fast paced novel about every parent’s worst nightmare- losing your children. During a short trip ashore in Central America while on a cruise, six children are separated from their parents. That alone would be enough for a great story, but this book also tackles race, gender and poverty blending it all together beautifully. Told…

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If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio

Debut novelist, M.L. Rio has written a captivating literary thriller about an elite group of Shakespearean actors. All seven are in their fourth and final year at Dellecher Classical Conservatory, a place where the competition to keep your spot is decided at the conclusion of each academic year. Oliver is our narrator throughout. He weaves a dark tale of friendship…

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Gizelle’s Bucket List: My Life with a Very Large Dog by Lauren Fern Watt

A bucket list for a dog? Of course! Why not? The cover of this book grabbed my attention first. The contentment on the face of sweet Gizelle hanging her big mastiff head out the window of a car just made me smile. Then I read the description and knew I had to read it. The author, Lauren moves to Times…

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