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Steere Room Manuscript Collection: Indexes

The Judge Joseph H. Steere Room manuscript collection focuses on the early history of the Northwest Territory of Michigan and shipping on the Great Lakes. It also includes information on early relations between white settlers and native Indian tribes in the Lake Superior area, especially in the area around Sault Sainte Marie.

The following is a summary of the scope of each manuscript collection. For a more complete description of each collection, please visit the page devoted to that collection.* If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact Bayliss Public Library.

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American Fur Company. Records. 1832-1851
Collection of letters from the American Fur Company outpost in Sault Sainte Marie. Includes information on Lake Superior fisheries, the maple sugar trade, land speculation, and Lake Superior navigation and transport.

Peter B. Barbeau. Papers. 1834-1889
Former American Fur Company employee and prominent Sault business man. Includes data on early commercial and settlement activity in the Lake Superior region.

George Johnston. Papers. 1792-1944
Son of the prominent Sault resident John Johnston, George Johnston was a well-known resident of Sault Sainte Marie in the first half of the 19th century. Includes correspondence from Henry Schoolcraft and Lewis Cass. Contains a wealth of information on Indian affairs in the Lake Superior region.

Joseph Bayliss. Papers
A prominent local historian, Bayliss researched and wrote a number of articles on the history of the Eastern Upper Peninsula region. Bulk of the collection includes clippings and notes compiled during his writing of Historic St. Joseph's Island and The River of Destiny.

Port Mackinac. Records. 1789. 1802-1884
Port Mackinac was an official port of entry on the Great Lakes. Material in this collection relates to Great Lakes shipping and commerce during the 19th century. Also includes maritime papers of Peter Barbeau, who shipped items from Sault Sainte Marie to Port Mackinac.

Myron Scranton. Papers. 1834-1917
Prominent merchant and citizen of Sault Sainte Marie during latter half of 19th century. Son-in-law and business partner of Peter Barbeau. Includes data on commercial businesses, fur and fish trade, Indian trade and affairs, and commercial transactions.

Small Collections and Miscellaneous Single Items
This collection contains a myriad of items related to Sault Sainte Marie and the Lake Superior region. The collection is organized by the following subjects: historical essays; diaries, journal, fraternal records (primarily Sault area); scrapbooks; Sault Sainte Marie, the bulk of which deals with local government and civic affairs; maritime papers, which contain material on early lake vessels and the Sault Canal; Native American affairs, which includes an 1846 Annuity List; Judge Joseph H. Steere Papers (1889-1912); Otto Fowle Papers (1906-1919); Edward Biddle Papers (1827-1848); Guy H. Carleton Papers (1846-1924); U.S. General Land Office Records, Sault Sainte Marie Office (1832-1877).

Charles C. Chapman. Papers. 1887-1932
Lawyer, judge, newspaper editor, historian, and prominent resident of Sault Sainte Marie. Papers consist mostly of correspondence and a few historical essays.

Bound Financial Records. Miscellaneous Single Items
Miscellaneous collection of bound ledgers, journals, cash and receipt books, and letter presses covering business, municipal and maritime records in the Sault area.

Jesse Wells Church Journal. 1853-1895 (microfilm)
A microfilm copy of the journal held by the Institute for Great Lakes Research at Bowling Green State University. Church's journal pertains to the Church family's shipbuilding enterprise on Sugar Island. The journal includes sketches and specifications for ships built by Church and sketches of floorplans and buildings at Church's Landing, Sugar Island.

Carnegie Library. Papers
Includes correspondence of Carnegie librarian Alice Clapp.

Emma C. Nason Children's Home. Papers
Children's home and mission in Sault Sainte Marie. Consists primarily of financial documents and building plans.


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