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Public Meeting Room Policy

Bayliss Public Library's public meeting room is used for programs sponsored by the Library, the Library Board of Trustees, the Friends of the Library, and other non-profit educational, cultural, or civic organizations. The meeting room is intended to further the library's mission through enriching lives and encouraging self-education. Public meeting room use does not constitute library endorsement of the beliefs or ideas expressed by organizations or individuals using the space. When library activities are not occupying the room, groups may use the room for lawful, non-commercial purposes. The library may rent the room to businesses for educational purposes.

Library Meeting Room Regulations


Groups wishing to use the meeting room must complete and have an approved Meeting Room Application Form. Scheduling will be limited when necessary to ensure equitable access to the facilities for other groups. Booking of the meeting room is on a first come, first served basis and library use takes precedence. A Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed by the person responsible for the group.

The library reserves the right to cancel permission to use the meeting room and/or to substitute facilities. The library will notify the group if the library is closed due to inclement weather or other reasons. It is the responsibility of the group to notify the library if their meeting is cancelled.

These library facilities may not be used for any religious worship or instruction, or the support of any religious establishment. The meeting room is not available for partisan, sectarian, or political uses, nor will it be available for private social parties.

The library does not assume liability for injury or damage to personal property, which occurs as a result of the actions of the sponsors or participants in meetings scheduled at the library.

The room will be booked only to adults. Youth groups may use the room if a responsible adult is present at all times.


Meetings must be free and open to the public. Meetings will not be publicized in a manner, which suggests library sponsorship or affiliation.

The meeting room is available for free during the library's normal hours of operation. Users must vacate the meeting room 15 minutes prior to closing.

Meetings that interfere with normal library functions will not be permitted.


  • Each group shall designate an adult who will be responsible for the behavior of participants.

  • Chairs and tables will be provided, but must be set up by each group.

  • Library staff is not available to change the room arrangement or provide support services, such as carrying equipment or materials or making photocopies.

  • Normal operation of the library is not to be disrupted by users of the meeting room.

  • Materials are not to be attached to walls, windows, doors, or furnishings except at the direction of authorized staff.

  • Users are responsible for returning furniture and equipment to the proper locations within the room.

  • Tobacco, drugs, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

  • Users are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

  • Users are responsible for any damage resulting from their use.

  • Users should notify staff of their imminent departure so that the room may be checked prior to their departure from the building.


Refreshments may be served. Groups will furnish their own equipment and leave the area clean. All trash must be removed from the building by the user.


Audio visual equipment may be used in the meeting room. Users must supply their own equipment, unless arrangements have been made to have a library staff member available to operate the library's equipment.

City of Sault Ste. Marie posted occupancy limits will be observed at all times.

The Director (or designee) is responsible for the administration of this policy, for establishing administrative procedures for its implementation, and for making it available to the public.

Adopted February 29, 2008

        Reaffirmed October 28, 2010
        Revised January 24, 2013 (room rental)



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