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Children's Room Policy
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All young people are entitled access to materials, resources, and professional guidance, which will meet their intellectual, educational, and recreational needs.

Children have the same privileges as adults for circulations, reserves, and Inter-Library Loans. Some activities may require parental permission or participation.

While we want the library to be a warm and welcoming place to visit, there are simple rules of safety and courtesy.

Rules for the Children’s Room

  1. Good behavior is expected. Simple rules are: Do not run, Do not jump, Do not disturb others, and loud voices should be left outside. No food or drink is permitted in the library.
  2. Children who do not behave will be asked to leave the library.
  3. Children under 5 may not be left unattended at the library.
  4. Children 6-10 may be left for short periods of time when a librarian is on duty.
  5. Children may use the telephone only for emergencies.
  6. There are no restrictions on materials that children may checkout except that parental permission is required to checkout videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs.
  7. There is no grace period for overdue children’s materials. A fine of 20¢ per day per item will be assessed.
  8. Brothers and sisters may not use each other’s cards, but a parent may use a child’s card to check out books.
  9. If the Children’s Room is being used for a program, it may be closed to the general public.
  10. Library staff will, under no circumstances, take a child out of the library or give the child a ride home.
  11. The library in no way assumes responsibility for any child left unattended in the library. If the parent, grandparent, guardian cannot be reached, the Police or a Social Service Agency will be contacted.
  12. The rules for using the Children’s Room computers are:
    1) Staff must be in the room and only library-owned games may be used.
    2) Children under 6 must have an older person with them.
    3) If others are waiting, users will be limited to 1/2 hour.




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